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Readers Respond: What is the Best Christmas Light Display in the St. Louis Area?

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From the article: Holiday Lights in St. Louis
The St. Louis area twinkles with Christmas lights during the holiday season. What is the best holiday light display in St. Louis? Share Your Favorite

Saratoga Lights

Would love to move here. Our city just ordered us to remove the radio sign and threatened us if traffic didn't improve.
—Guest SaratogaLights

Rock Hill is not 5 or 6 houses

Rock Hill has one house...drove out here tonight from Lake St Louis. Don't drive far for this one.
—Guest Ashley

woburn ill

best lights and animated christmas display is easily WOBURN IL 250 animated dolls 100,000lights 41 animated displays with bonn fire and is free to the public
—Guest dave stief

South county

The subdivision of Brookstone terrace is full of lights every house has lights! The 19th of December the do a candle light luminary it is really neat to drive through with all the lights and luminaries the subdivision is off of old baumgardnter It is worth the drive.

Musical Lights

There is a house on Barbezieux in Creve Coeur that has the lights to music. Its a fun little show. My kids love it.
—Guest Dan

Hwy 100 and Fox Creek rd

Awesome lights display, allows u to drive thru and turn around.
—Guest Marty

House in rockhill

I have seen most of these and I have to give a tip of my Santa hat to the house in Rockhill. Its now 6 house's and man its nice. I got out and talked with some others and most of them were going to Tillis and just never made it after seeing this place. Well worth your time
—Guest Christmas Light fan

Don't forget Rock Hill!

1337 McKinley in Rock Hill, just off Manchester near McKnight! There's 5 yards of lights set to music and a train display. You have to stop if you're going to Tilles Park.
—Guest Rock Hill Momma

great lights display

At the corner of Dougherty Ferry and Big Bend, the street is Kinsale, the homeowner creates wooden cutouts of holiday figures and lights them up in his yard, there are a ton of them and lots of lights too!
—Guest Ellen

Christmas Lights in Des Peres

Diamond Ridge Ct Des Peres Sync'd on FM 90.1 with a website to see the playlist and pick your song.

Grant's Farm

There is a place called the 'Bear House' behind Grant's farm on a huge hill. Stop at the first stop sign on grant's road, take a left on your way up the hill, and then you can't miss it (: It's awesome!
—Guest Amber

Christmas Lights

Behind Grant's Farm. Can't remember the street name but you can't miss it. In St. Louis Hills there are a few streets that are mainly all decorated.
—Guest Stephanie

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What is the Best Christmas Light Display in the St. Louis Area?

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