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Readers Respond: What's the Best Fish Fry in the St. Louis Area?

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Each year on Fridays during Lent, thousands of St. Louisans head to their neighborhood fish fry for an inexpensive, meatless meal. Churches all across the St. Louis area host fish fries for their parishoners and visitors. Many claim to be the "best in town", but which ones are really worth a visit? Best Fish Fry?

St. John's (Hwy 55 and South Lindberg)

Because when you are tired of fish you can get the FROG LEGS . . . love em March 28 and April 11
—Guest Dave

Seven Holy Founders

Square fried cod seems to be a trend - 2nd bad fry in 2 tries.
—Guest Barb

St Marks - Morganford

Square fried cod. Terrible. Sides cold and stingy. Go to donate not for a good meal!
—Guest Barb

Legion Post 400 in Fenton

Was going to Denny Dennis to get some fishing supplies. Across the street at the American Legion there is a fish fry sign. I was on my own for dinner so this looked like a good option. Went over and placed my order for a plate which was 3 cod, could also have had a catfish, with 2 sides. I choose the baked beans and coleslaw. I must say my selections were superb. I will be going back. Sign said they served from 10:30am to 7:30pm
—Guest Gramps


Immaculate Conception in Maple has the absolute best fish fry! This fish fry has the best food I've eaten at a Lenten fish fry. Lots of homemade side dishes to pick from. Good prices. Family friendly
—Guest fishfrygoer

Our Lady of the Presentation Overland

March 7th through April 11th , every Friday 4:00pm-7:00pm Cod (baked or fried) Hand cut fillets Shrimp Fish Sandwich Grilled Cheese You can get it by the pound, piece or dinner. Many sides and delicious dessert (Desserts donated by parishioner) Seniors, Adults and Child’s plate Credit and Debit cards accepted Eat here or get it to go

St. Charles Barmeo

From the numerous types of fish served to the hush puppies and friendly service, this is by far the best fish fry in St. Louis. Thank to Bob, Michelle and kitchen crew for a great time!
—Guest Jane

A fry with ole'

St.Cecilia on Eichelburger not many blocks east of Grand Ave in south city is fantastico!The fish is ok,but the shrimp as well as the Mexican entrees are amazing plus plenty of sides and Mexican beers!Lots of people as well as live music and dancers.I make it every year and its good every time.
—Guest Fry Fanatic

St. James the Greater-dogtown

St. James is a great gathering place on a Friday evening. Nice camaraderie. Their fish fries go from 4-8. You can get baked or fried fish, clam chowder, pasta, grilled cheese, French fries and come slaw. All very delicious! They also serve some great desserts. As a special, ask about their gluten free dessert at the dessert table.
—Guest Kry

Holy Infant in Ballwin

For variety and quality, Holy Infant puts out a good Lenten dinner. Fried cod, grouper, and shrimp, baked salmon and cod, and cheese pizza for the kids. Lots of great sides, too. It can get crowded and there are lots of kids, but everyone has a good time and you can get carryout starting at 4:30.

St. Ferdinand best in N. STL

St. Ferdinand in Florissant is by far the best fish fry I have ever been to. If your in N STL, you've got to check it out!
—Guest NB

St. Gabriel's

I made St. Gabriels my last stop last year, 2012. I have to say, I don't know what everyone is talking about because our fish was terrible! Dry and worse than frozen! Not impressed at all!

best fish fry

The best fish fry's serve whole catfish on the bone with spaghetti and those places are hard to find
—Guest brummet

V F W 35

I was driving north bound big ben. No sign on bill board but south bound there was sign and people lined up .I was hungry and i go with the flow. Wow! she is asian full of energy her helps coordinate with her movement. Overheard how good is the fish ........Amazing fresh crispy side is good coleslaw homemade and green beans is good. I ate lunch and dinner . Most of it with their big smile that made you special.
—Guest mark schultz

St. Pius V on South Grand

St. Pius is the best fish fry. Everything is homemade including even the tartar sauce. Your dinner includes dessert and tea or coffee.
—Guest Mary Heidbreder

Best Fish Fry?

What's the Best Fish Fry in the St. Louis Area?

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