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Where to Park Near Busch Stadium in Downtown St. Louis

The Best Places to Park and How Much it Costs


Parking is always at a premium in downtown St. Louis and that's certainly true when the Cardinals are playing at Busch Stadium. Here's information on the best places to park near Busch Stadium and how much you'll have to pay.

S&H Parking Lot at Broadway and Spruce

Photo by David O'Brien

The S&H Parking Lot at Broadway and Spruce is the closest, and usually most expensive, public parking near Busch Stadium. It is directly across the street from the east side of the stadium. It usually costs $20-$25, but can be more on Opening Day and for big games like the Cards-Cubs series.

Stadium East/West Garages

The Stadium East and Stadium West Garages offer covered parking about two blocks from Busch Stadium. Parking is usually $15-$20 but can be more for the most popular games. The Stadium East Garage is located at 200 South Broadway. The Stadium West Garage is located at 100 South 9th Street.

S&H Lots at 400 Poplar/400 Poplar East

S&H Parking also has several other lots within a few blocks of Busch Stadium. There are lots at 400 Poplar and 400 Poplar East (at 4th Street.) These lots are within three to four blocks of the east side of the stadium. There are also surface lots along Cerre and Gratiot Streets on the south side of the stadium. Parking typically costs $10-$20 depending on the game.

St. Louis Parking

St. Louis Parking Company operates several parking lots near Busch Stadium including the new Ballpark Village lot, 7th & Cerre lot (just south of Paddy O's) and the Broadway & Cerre lot south of the Staduim.

Business Parking Lots

Businesses that are close to Busch Stadium like Midas Mufflers (720 South 4th Street) and Riley's Florist (1000 South 4th Street) open their parking lots to baseball fans on game days. These businesses are about four to seven blocks from the stadium and parking costs $10-$15 for most games.

Free Parking

You may be able to find free street parking in the area further south of Busch Stadium. Some parking is available along Choteau Street near 1st and 2nd Streets. But be careful! There are also plenty of areas where "no parking" signs are posted.


One way to avoid parking downtown is to ride Metrolink to the games. There is a Metrolink stop at Busch Stadium. The stop at 8th and Pine is also an easy walk. A one-ride ticket is $2.25.

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