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Your Complete Guide to the Highway 40 Construction Project

Background, Updates and Tips on How to Survive the Shutdown


UPDATE: The I-64/Highway 40 Project was completed on December 7, 2009. The highway is now open to all traffic.

On January 2, 2008, the massive construction project along I-64 (Highway 40) officially kicked into high gear. Crews initiated the first of two shutdowns of the highway, closing both directions from Ballas Road to I-170. The shutdown, along with ongoing or planned construction on other parts of the highway, means drivers will need to find alternate routes or alternate ways to get around town. Here's information to keep you informed about the project and, hopefully, keep you out of traffic.

What's Changing?

Crews are upgrading all of the pavement and rebuilding bridges and interchanges along a 10-mile stretch of Highway 40 between Spoede Road in St. Louis County and Kingshighway Boulevard in St. Louis City. Crews are also building a bigger interchange at Highway 40 and I-170 and adding one lane in each direction between I-170 and Spoede.

Shutdown Timeline

On January 2, 2008, Crews closed both directions of Highway 40 from Spoede Road to I-170. In 2009, that section will reopen and all lanes from I-170 to Kingshighway will close. MoDOT estimates this section will reopen by December 31, 2009, and that the entire project will be finished by July 31, 2010.

View a map of the four year construction plan

Easing Traffic Troubles

The Missouri Department of Transportation has made changes to help improve traffic flow on other roadways. First, MoDOT has added additional lanes to I-70 and I-44 by restriping the lanes to make them thinner and borrowing space from the highways' shoulders. MoDOT also reassures it will not do any construction along I-70 or I-44 during the shutdown. Any requied maintenance work will be done only at night. MoDOT has also improved the traffic signals on Page Avenue, Olive Street Road, Lindbergh Boulevard and Manchester Road to keep traffic moving as efficiently as possible.

You can avoid the worst of the traffic by taking alternative transportation or following a few key tips.

Is it Necessary?

Along with the expected traffic headaches, there is still debate about whether this project will ultimately be good for the region. Learn more about the debate, including the pros and cons of the construction plan.

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