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St. Louis Valentine's Day Guide

Easy Ideas for Gifts, Romantic Restaurants and Special Valentine Events


St. Louis Valentine's Day Guide
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Picking the right gift or planning a romantic evening for Valentine's Day can be a daunting task. From unique gift ideas, to Valentine's Day events and cozy restaurants, here are a few ideas that your special someone is sure to love.

Romantic Restaurants

On Valentine's Day, you don't have to head to Tony's for a romantic evening out. It's a great reason to try that cozy new bistro or neighborhood cafe. Read here for romantic restaurants that your date's sure to love (and you will too).

Valentine's Day Events

If you're looking for something less traditional than dinner at a romantic restaurant, why not start a new Valentine's Day tradition this year? Read here for some of the most interesting Valentine's Day events in St. Louis.

St. Louis' Best Chocolate

There's a reason chocolate is a favorite gift on Valentine's day. It's sensual and delicious. But not if you buy the boxes at the supermarket checkout. If you're Valentine likes chocolate, visit one of these top places for delicious chocolate and a wonderful Valentine's Day gift.

A Visit to Missouri Wine Country

For a romantic day trip, consider a visit to one of the dozens of wineries located just a short drive from St. Louis. You can sip a glass or two with your Valentine while taking in the local scenery. Here's information on the Top Wineries in Missouri

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