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Rigazzi's Italian Restaurant Offers Good Food and Fishbowls of Beer

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The Bottom Line

Rigazzi’s is the oldest restaurant on “the Hill.” A favorite of locals, Rigazzi’s is a casual Italian restaurant known for simple but classic pastas, sandwiches and its infamous fishbowls of beer.


  • Large menu specializing in “everyday” Italian dishes
  • Good for family-sized or larger groups
  • All kids’ meals include apple sauce, fries and a large chocolate ice cream bar


  • Tables are packed tightly together, so it can feel crowded
  • Prices for pasta entrees are a bit high
  • Service is professional, but not very personable


  • Location: 4945 Daggett Avenue, St. Louis, Mo.
  • Hours: Monday - Thursday, 8:00 a.m. - 10:30 p.m.
    Friday - Saturday, 8:00 a.m. - Midnight
  • Phone: (314) 772-4902

Guide Review - Rigazzi's Italian Restaurant Offers Good Food and Fishbowls of Beer

When St. Louisans want authentic Italian food, they head for “the Hill.” When residents of the Hill want good Italian food, many of them go to Rigazzi’s. For the past 50 years, locals and visitors alike have filled the restaurant’s main dining room, where the space between tables and chairs is minimal, but portions and dinners are generous.

Rigazzi’s is a fun place to eat. Almost in beer hall fashion, the tables of the main dining room are lined up nearly end-to-end, in three tightly packed rows. The close quarters give Rigazzi’s a lively atmosphere, while the restaurant’s infamous fishbowls of beer give patrons a great reason to linger and relax.

Of course, any discussion about a restaurant on the Hill is bound to generate a serious debate with some very strong opinions. It’s no surprise then that some locals say Rigazzi’s has seen better days, or that tastier Italian food can be found elsewhere. Both points have their merit. Gutted by fire in 2000, the restaurant was completely renovated, but lost some of its historic charm, including quite a bit of local sports memorabilia. And, as far as the food goes, there are certainly neighboring Italian restaurants with fancier entrees or more carefully prepared dishes. But for St. Louis style pizza or homemade toasted raviolis, Rigazzi’s is still a great choice.

User Reviews

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 2 out of 5
Local Favorite Misses the Mark, Member KelsoChris

While in St Louis for a family getaway we visited Rigazzi's and were fairly disapointed. We were seated upon entering which was a welcome surprise, but the experience declined from there. To place our order we had to shout enorder to be heard over the alarm that was sounding from somebody going out the wrong door. When they brought out the salads they forgot my wifes and had to be reminded several minutes later and we waited for an hour before they brought out our order of toasted ravioli wich we had to inquire about. It took about another 10 minutes to get our order and when we got it you could tell from hot spots in the food it had been reheated in a microwave. This was our fouth visit to Rigazzi's and it was to be a highlight of our trip after a long day shopping. The head waiter did give us a couple of free deserts but we still got a tab for $70. We were all very disapointed with this visit.

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