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O'Connell's Pub - A Bit of Dublin in St. Louis

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O'Connell's Pub - A Bit of Dublin in St. Louis
Photo by Patricia Cook, courtesy O'Connell's Pub

The Bottom Line

O'Connell's is an authentic Irish pub located just south of I-44, off of Kingshighway Boulevard. With its classic bar, comfortable high-backed booths and dark wood interior, the atmosphere in O'Connell's is perfect for sharing a few pints with friends. O'Connell's is also a great pick for a casual lunch or dinner. Its menu consists mostly of bar food, but is famous for its burgers, roast beef sandwich and its fish & chips.


  • Great atmosphere for sharing a pint (or two) with friends
  • Burgers that consistently rank among the city's favorites
  • Large selection of Irish whiskeys and single malt Scotch whiskies


  • Like many pubs, O'Connell's can be very smoky
  • Lines can stretch out the door during peak hours


  • Location: 4652 Shaw Avenue, St. Louis
  • Phone: (314) 773-6600
  • Hours: Monday - Thursday, 11:00 a.m. - 1:30 a.m.
    Friday - Saturday, 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 a.m.
    Sunday, noon - 12:00 a.m.

Guide Review - O'Connell's Pub - A Bit of Dublin in St. Louis

O'Connell's was a great Irish pub long before Irish pubs were fashionable. Unlike newer pubs that look like they were furnished straight out of an Irish gifts catalog, O'Connell's has an Irish pub feel without looking like it's trying. The pub's dark wood booths, tin ceilings and antique light fixtures have all mellowed over the decades, while years of food smells and cigarette smoke have seasoned the very walls and floor. All that's missing is a turf fire.

Great for Drinks
The genuine pub atmosphere keeps O'Connell's barstools full of locals enjoying a pint. Guinness fans boast that the pub offers "the best pour" in St. Louis, although it's also a favorite of Scotch and Irish whiskey fans.

More Than Burgers
Lingering over drinks is bound to make you hungry. Luckily, O'Connell's is no slouch when it comes to top-notch pub grub. Its burgers, which always rank at the top of local polls, don't come with fancy ingredients or exotic cheeses. They are however, nine ounces of masterfully grilled beef. In fact, O'Connell's is so sure it has perfected the burger, it bans the use of tomatoes as a condiment. Apparently, until tomatoes taste great all year long, they won't get near an O'Connell's burger.

Right behind the burger in popularity is O'Connell's roast beef sandwich. Sliced to order, the roast beef is fresh, pink and lean. Specials are offered for each day of the week, with fish & chips packing the pub on Friday nights. Fried mushrooms stand out among the appetizers, putting the bland mushrooms found elsewhere to shame. Just make sure to order a side of the house dressing for dipping.

No Musicians Needed
Newcomers may be surprised that O'Connell's doesn't have Irish food or music. But don't be fooled, the heart of an Irish pub is its ability to encourage conversation and make guests happy. Judged by these criteria, O'Connell's is the perfect Irish pub.

User Reviews

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 1 out of 5
Award winning hamburger good, staff very rude!, Member dprovinzano

Ok, there had been a bad storm this night, but it did not excuse how we were treated. We were greeted with irate staff and made to feel we had inconvinced them by coming to this establishment. The staff was very non compromising with our seating, even though there were several empty tables and it was 8:00 PM at night. The waitress was probably the worse I have ever had. For the first time in my life, I would have forego the tip, but since there were 6 of us, 18% gratuity was added to the bill. The hamburger was good, but I have had just as good at other places. When asked for tomatoe on our hamburger, we were told they did not have tomatoes. When we acted surprised, the waitress said ""our kitchen is small"". I finally asked the waitress why everyone is rude, she stated ""We have been very busy.""

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