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Walking Tour of The Hill


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Girasole Italian Gifts and Imports
Walking Tour of The Hill
Photo courtesy Girasole Gifts and Imports

Girasole sells a diverse range of Italian products including ceramics, beauty products, jewelry, fashion accessories and books. But you don't need to be Italian to find something you like. For example, the store's selection of Italian handbags will appeal to any women searching for a fashionable new bag.

However, if you're looking specifically for a souvenir of the Hill, Girasole's a great bet. One of its most popular items is a miniature replica of the Italian Immigrants statue located just across the street. The statue is actually exclusive to Girasole. The store also carries Italian flags, buttons, t-shirts and other Italian-themed gifts and products.

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Next stop: Eovaldi’s Deli. From Girasole, go south (turn right as you walk out the door) on Marconi to Bischoff Avenue. Turn right on Bischoff and go one block. Eovaldi’s is at 2201 Edwards Street.

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