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Walking Tour of The Hill


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St. Ambrose Catholic Church and Italian Immigrants Statue
Walking Tour of The Hill
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St. Ambrose Catholic Church has been a vital component of the Hill neighborhood since its dedication in 1926. Few other St. Louis communities retain such a strong connection to one house of worship. For many resident families, St. Ambrose is the focal point of daily life on the Hill.

Built in the Lombard Romanesque style, St. Ambrose is said to be modeled on the historic San Ambrogio Church in Milan, Italy. Doors are usually open during the day, and visitors are welcome to quietly view the church's interior. If the doors are locked or a service is underway, admiring the church's terra cotta and brick exterior alone is worth a stop along the tour.

In front of the church is a statue called simply "The Italian Immigrants." The statue memorializes the Italian families that arrived in St. Louis looking for a better life. Today, the statue has become a preferred symbol of the neighborhood, right along with the Hill's famous green, white and red painted fire hydrants.

Next stop: Girasole Gifts and Imports. From St. Ambrose Catholic Church, cross Marconi Avenue. Girasole is located at 2103 Marconi Avenue.

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