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Walking Tour of The Hill


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J. Viviano and Sons Italian Grocery

Viviano's is a great place to introduce yourself to the Hill. The Viviano family has operated the Italian grocery in its current location for more than 50 years. Staples such as olive oil, flour, spices and pastas fill its shelves. But near the back, Viviano's has sectioned off an area for cheeses, meats, prepared foods and an olive bar. If the aroma from this section wasn't draw enough, the bustle of activity surrounding it will certainly capture your attention. Try the store's signature stuffed peppers, which feature mozzarella cheese wrapped in proscuitto, stuffed inside a large green pepper.

Viviano's also sells its own line of classic Italian ingredients including extra virgin olive oil, tomato basil sauce and a white sauce made with St. Louis' infamous provel cheese. One particular local favorite is Viviano's Italian breadcrumbs, mixed onsite with parmesan and romano cheeses and parsley. Besides being exceptionally fresh and tasty, many of Viviano's products are actually less expensive than their counterparts found in regional or national grocery chains. Good thing you put a cooler in your car!

Next stop: Shaw’s Coffee. Take a right out of Viviano’s. Shaw’s is located at 5147 Shaw Avenue.

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