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How to Get a Missouri Drivers License


If you're moving to Missouri, you'll need to get a new drivers license. If you're an existing driver (already licensed in another state), here's the information you need to make getting a new drivers license as easy as possible.

For those looking to get their very first drivers license, the process is a bit more complicated. New drivers should visit the Missouri Department of Revenue's website for step-by-step information about the process.

Where to Go:

You can get a new Missouri drivers license at privately owned license offices throughout the state. Use the Missouri Department of Revenue's website to find an office near you.

Documents You Must Have:

  • Proof of lawful presence (one of the following) - a birth certificate, passport or a certificate of citizenship or naturalization
  • Proof of identity (one of the following) - a social security card or medicare card
  • Proof of residency (one of the following) - a utility bill, bank statement or property tax receipt

Tests You Must Take:

  • Vision screening
  • Road sign test
  • Written exam and driving test - but ONLY if your previous license expired more than six months ago

Fees You'll Pay

  • $22.50 for a three year license
  • $45 for a six year license

Also, be aware that you must surrender your previous out-of-state license to the license office.

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