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Relocating to St. Louis

Your Guide to Getting Settled


Relocating to St. Louis
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New to St. Louis? Welcome! Soon enough you'll learn why St. Louis is considered one of the nation's most "livable" cities, but right now you're probably just anxious to get settled.

I'll try to make your move easier by providing some tools and information to help you find a job, find a home, get established and ultimately find the things in town that make living here very enjoyable.

Find a Job

National talk of hot job markets rarely includes St. Louis. It's not Raleigh Durham's "Golden Triangle" or a boomtown for job growth like Las Vegas. But that's just because we're a modest Midwestern town that doesn't like to brag. According to Forbes, St. Louis is actually one of the best cities for young professionals. For more about what St. Louis has to offer, including information about our biggest and most respected companies, read my article St. Louis' Largest and Top Rated Employers. For tips and resources on how to conduct a job search using St. Louis-based employment resources, read St. Louis Job Listings and Resources.

Find a Home

The St. Louis area has very distinct regions and neighborhoods, spread out over more than six counties. Be warned, locals will have definitive opinions about where you should live. In fact, St. Louis is infamous for not only categorizing people based on what part of town they call home, but also by where they went to high school. Regardless, finding the right area for you isn't that difficult, once you know a little about the St. Louis region. My article Where to Live in the St. Louis Area is a good place to start. If you already know where in the area you'd like to live, skip right to Finding a Home or Apartment in St. Louis for a list of local resources to help simplify your search.

Get Connected

One of the most stressful parts of any move or relocation is hooking up all the utilities, or even just knowing who to call. Here are the main utilities that serve the St. Louis area:

Drivers Licenses and Car Registration

If you're moving to St. Louis from out-of-state, you'll need to get a new drivers license and new license plates for your car. If you're planning on living on the Missouri side of the Mississippi river, here's the process to get a Missouri drivers license, and the process to register your car. If you'll be living on the Illinois side of the river, here's the process to get an Illinois drivers license, and the process to register your car.

Explore the City

Once you’re settled in, you’ll want to explore the city and have some fun. Start with the city’s Top Attractions. As you’ll see, there’s more to see in town than just the Gateway Arch. Also, explore the rest of the About.com Guide to St. Louis for restaurant reviews, places to take kids, information on local theater and the arts, and much more. We’re here specifically for St. Louis residents, so be sure to visit often!

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