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Government & Politics in the St. Louis Region

St. Louis politics are complicated, and local issues often go years without resolution. About.com is your guide for information on elections, background on current debates and the details you need to be in-the-know with what's going on in your home city, neighborhood or region.
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The Race for Missouri's Next Governor
This November, Missouri will elect a new Governor. State Attorney General Jay Nixon will likely win the Democratic primary and face the winner of the GOP primary, most likely U.S. Representative Kenny Hulshof or Missouri Treasurer Sarah Steelman. Here's information about the 2008 Missouri Governor's race and its top candidates.

Is the I-64 Construction Project Good for St. Louis?
Concerns about the Hwy 40 construction project in St. Louis aren't just over the headaches caused by shutdowns. Here's an overview of arguments from both sides of the issue, and why the project may be a bigger issue than just a question of traffic jams.

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