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Top Haunted Houses in St. Louis 2013

Where to Go for a Good Scare This Halloween


St. Louis has its share of scary places when you want a real Halloween fright. So put on a costume, grab your friends and check out St. Louis' top haunted attractions in 2013.

If you want something a little more authentic, check out the Real Haunted Places in the St. Louis Area. And, be sure to share your opinion on The Best Haunted House in St. Louis.

The Darkness

Image courtesy The Darkness

If you really want to be scared this Halloween, plan a visit to the Darkness haunted house in Soulard. It's ranked among the best haunted houses in the country by AOL, HauntWorld.com and USA Today. It's also been featured on The Today Show. The two-story building is filled with room after room of ghouls and gore. The Darkness is open weekends starting September 13, 2013, and daily starting October 11. Tickets are $25 for adults or $35 if you want a speed pass so you don't have to wait in line.
1525 South 8th Street

Scream Park at Creepyworld

Photo courtesy Creepyworld

The same folks that bring you the Darkness also own and produce Scream Park at Creepyworld. It's St. Louis' biggest haunted theme park with nine scary attractions all in one place. The best of the lot is SILO-X, a giant haunted house full of radiation-born monsters and mutants. And again in 2013, try your luck at Zombie Paintball. Tickets are $25 for adults or $35 for a speed pass to avoid the long lines. If you're planning to visit both the Darkness and Scream Park, you can save money by buying the combo ticket for both. It's $45 for adults or $55 for a speed pass. Scream Park at Creepyworld is open weekends starting September 13, 2013, and most days in October.
13th Street & Highway 141

The Lemp Brewery

The Lemp Brewery is back this year offering brave visitors an authentic scare. There are plenty of spooky scenes and special effects, but the true fright may be the real ghosts that lurk in the caves and caverns under the old Lemp Brewery. The Lemp Brewery is open weekends beginning September 13, 2013, and most days in October. Tickets are $20 for adults or $30 for a speed pass.
3500 Lemp Ave.

Fright Fest at Six Flags

Fright Fest at Six Flags is always a sure bet to get your pulse racing and the hair on the back of your neck standing straight up. After dark, the park turns into a giant haunted adventure land. You can take a walk through haunted houses and monstrous mazes, see spooky street entertainment and even ride your favorite roller coasters at night. Fright Fest runs every Friday through Sunday beginning September 28, 2013.
I-44 to Exit 261

The Cobb Factory

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The Cobb Factory is NOT open in 2013.

An old farmhouse in the country. It already sounds a bit scary. But it's even more so when you hear the story behind it. The farmhouse belongs to a mass murderer who's come back for revenge. The Cobb Factory promises a real fright for anyone who enters. It's open Fridays and Saturdays in October. Tickets are $25 a person or $30 for a speed pass. Other attractions include a mortuary, haunted forest and extended hayride.
Highway C & 79
Old Monroe, MO

Corn Maze Massacre

Demonic spirits are haunting the cornfields near Eureka and terrorizing the town. The Corn Maze Massacre is open Fridays and Saturdays beginning September 27, 2013. If you make it through the corn maze, take a chance on Farmer Bob's Haunted Hayride. Tickets are $13 for the corn maze or $20 for both the maze and hayride.
8004 Twin Rivers Road

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