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Top Restaurants on The Hill

Where to Find Great Italian Food in St. Louis


The Hill is one of the most popular neighborhoods in St. Louis. It's the place to go for all things Italian, including great food. Whether you're in the mood for a casual meal or a gourmet feast, you'll find it on The Hill. Here's information on The Hill's top restaurants and eateries.

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Charlie Gitto's

Charlie Gitto's has been serving up fine Italian food on The Hill for more than three decades. The restaurant has a more upscale feel and is open only for dinner. It's a perfect pick for date night or a special evening out. Charlie Gitto's has a large menu featuring traditional pastas like linguini, lasagna and ravioli, as well as beef, chicken, veal, seafood and more.
5226 Shaw Avenue
(314) 772-8898

Cunetto House of Pasta

Cunetto House of Pasta is another longtime restaurant on The Hill. As the name indicates, you will find a wide variety of pasta dishes sauced up however you'd like. Cunetto's menu also includes salads, soups and non-pasta entrees. Cunetto's is a good pick if you're looking for large portions and affordable prices.
5453 Magnolia Avenue
(314) 781-1135


For a great casual lunch, stop by Adriana's. The small, family-owned cafe serves up some of the best sandwiches in St. Louis. Try the Italian beef or salsiccia for a real treat. Adriana's also has tasty pizza, salads and pastas. The cafe is only open during lunch hours.
5101 Shaw Avenue

Lorenzo's Trattoria

Lorenzo's Trattoria is one of the newer restaurants on The Hill. It offers a more modern take on Italian cuisine featuring menu items from Northern Italy. Signature dishes include braised ossobuco and chicken spedini. Lorenzo's is open daily for dinner including Sunday.
1933 Edwards Avenue
(314) 773-2223


When you want to impress, make plans to dine at Dominic's on The Hill. Dominic's has been serving gourmet Italian fare since 1971. It was even voted one of the two best Italian restaurants in the country by Conde Nast Traveler. Dominic's features upscale cuisine like veal, beef tenderloin and lobster. It's open for dinner only and the suggested dress code is business casual.
5101 Wilson Avenue
(314) 771-1632


Zia's is good choice for a nice family meal. It has a casual atmosphere and a large menu filled with pasta, beef, chicken and seafood dishes. Zia's salad and toasted ravioli are also popular choices. Zia's is open for lunch and dinner daily except Sunday.
5256 Wilson Avenue
(314) 776-0020

Joe Fassi

Joe Fassi Sausage and Sandwich Factory is another top choice for lunch on The Hill. Joe Fassi's menu features many sandwiches made with its homemade sausage and meatballs. You can also buy fresh sausage and meatballs by the pound to take home. Joe Fassi is open for lunch and early dinners.
2321 Sublette Avenue
(314) 647-5158


Not every restaurant on The Hill serves Italian food. For something completely different, try the Spanish tapas at Modesto. The menu is filled with dozens of small plates, cheeses and salads. Two good bets are the arroz con pollo and the calamares fritos. Wash it all down with a glass or a pitcher of sangria.
5257 Shaw Avenue
(314) 772-8272
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